You are the government client who requested the new user interface design for the terrorist suspect identification program.

Review and evaluate your old system's user interface for finding files (Figure 1), keeping in mind the requirements previously identified.
Write a 3–5-page report including the following: 
An effective introduction
A description of some of the poor design issues with the Figure 1 UI design
A description of some of some recommended improvements for this screen for the Figure 1 UI design
An example from the Internet of a more usable and effective Find File interface screen, pasted into your report and cited appropriately
The justification for your proposed interface design selection 
Ensure that the paper is formatted correctly in APA style. Provide a reference page.

Figure 1: Find File

(Bad Interface, n.d.)


Bad interface. (n.d.). Retrieved November 23, 2009 from KDE TechBase Web site:

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