In this module you are required to complete a brief narrative reflecting on your views of the current issue listed above. The entire issue may be accessed in your textbook Chapter 22 on page 483 under “Thinking More About” or it is also posted in the Module 4 discussion form.
The format of your paper should be:
Paragraph I: Introduction
Write a well developed introduction that establishes the topic and the purpose of the paper. Be sure to include adequate background information to set the foundation.
Paragraph 2: Molecules of Life -- Dietary Fads
Be sure your essay addresses the following issues 
1. Does this study tell you anything about what would happen if someone with high cholesterol went on a an oat bran diet?
2. How representative of the entire population are 20 healthy hospital employees in Boston?
Paragraph 3: Conclusion
Present some concluding remarks. What have we gained by reading this paper? Discuss how Saint Leo core values of Respect and Responsible Stewardship relate to the topic.

Other things to consider:
Readability: Is each sentence well-constructed, complete, clear, and to the point? Is the paper well organized; does it logically flow from one idea to the next?
Mechanics: Are rules of grammar, spelling and punctuation are followed? Is the paper double spaced with 12 point font and one inch margins? Is there a title, subheadings for each of the 3 paragraphs and at least one reference listed? Does the essay meet the 300-500 word requirement?

Additional Requirements 

Min Words: 300 
Max Words: 500 
Level of Detail: Show all work 
Other Requirements: please include work cited