In the attachment, it is a diagram of a DNA molecule where a portion of the molecule has been disassociated for DNA replication.

A) Assume DNA replication proceeds bidirectionally from the orgin of replicaiton. Using "zigzag lines" to represent "RNA" and "Straight line" to represent "DNA" draw the newly synthesized strands that would appear if the entire single-stranded templates were paired with newly synthesized DNA. Draw "3 Okazaki fragments" in each strand that replicates discontinuously. Also, in your drawing, assume that none of the primers have been removed and that none of the necks have been sealed. On the end of each DNA strand, place an "arrowhead" to show in which direction synthesis has proceed. The first two primers at the orgin of replication have already been added for you.

B) List all the enzymes that are required for the DNA replication to take place in a normal fashion AND WHAT EACH ONE DOES.