Imagine that you are a superhero flying through the sky in a horizontal, prone, position. Your feet are plantar flexed, with your toes pointed (flexed), your legs are fully extended and your thighs are in a neutral position relative to your torso (you are contracting muscles to prevent them from flexing at the hip). Your upper limbs are pointed straight ahead, with your palms down and fingers pointed (extended), forearms extended at the elbow, and arms fully flexed at the shoulder. In addition, to facilitate the position of your upper limbs, your shoulder blades are rotated and your shoulders are hunched.

Name and describe the prime mover appendicular muscles or appendicular muscle groups (if there is no prime mover) necessary to maintain this pose and their innervation . Organize your description by the appendicular joints involved. Include a description of the muscles involved in maintaining the position of the scapulae during the superhero flight and the innervation of those muscles.

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