IFSM301 System Development Life Cycle Research Paper

IFSM301 System Development Life Cycle Research Paper

IFSM301 System Development Life Cycle Research Paper

Subject: Computer Science    / Algorithms
ystem Development Life Cycle Research Paper

Purpose of this Assignment

This assignment gives you the opportunity to apply your research skills, analysis, and critical thinking skills to compare and contrast two different system development life cycle (SDLC) models. This will provide you an opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of this important IT governance and management tool. This assignment specifically addresses the following course outcome:

· Identify, define, and explain the concepts of information technology governance and management.


You will conduct some research to learn about the Waterfall Model of SDLC and another model of your choosing. You will then describe both models and compare and contrast them. Select one of the SDLC models listed below:

· Spiral Model

· Agile (Extreme Programming) Model

· Evolutionary Prototyping Model

· Iterative and Incremental Model

Research and write a paper that describes the Waterfall Model and your chosen model. Your descriptions should include each model’s purpose and structure (or characteristics) along with its strengths and weaknesses. It should describe the types of system development efforts for which it is most appropriate. Then, compare and contrast your selected model with the Waterfall Model. Finally, you will document the conclusions you reached from your research, which may include such things as which model is “better,” when each model should be used, whether one or the other should not be used, or whether it makes any difference which one is used. The conclusions are your own and will be assessed according to how well you defend them and how convincing your arguments are.

Your paper should be structured as follows:

I. Introduction

II. Waterfall Model (description, purpose, structure/characteristics, strengths and


III. Chosen Model (description, purpose, structure/characteristics, strengths and



Comparison of the Two Models (compare and contrast)

V. Conclusion (conclusions you drew from your research on the two models)

Your paper will be graded on both the accuracy and completeness of your descriptions; it needs to clearly and completely define each model and its strengths and weaknesses. The comparisons will be graded based on the extent to which they are supported by facts and are drawn from the descriptions. The conclusions should be well justified, and drawn from the rest of the paper. Illustrations will enhance your paper if they contribute to an understanding of the model.

Your paper should be 3-5 pages in length (not counting any cover sheet or reference pages). The use of at least three external scholarly resources (other than class materials) is required. You should use scholarly journals (rather than authorless website

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postings). If you need assistance with determining what a scholarly journal is, the UMUC library is a very good source of information, accessed via the following link: http://www.umuc.edu/library/libhow/articles.cfm. Remember to correctly cite and referenceall sources using APA format.

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