1. Identify the original author who is being mimicked.  Then, review the Rhetoric section of that specific author (pre-reading before the piece itself).  Can you identify these rhetorical strategies in your peer’s essay?
2. Which rhetorical strategies are most effectively executed?  Which need to be further explored?  Do you have specific suggestions to work on these?
3. Think about the level of imitating of overall structure.  Is the argument presented in a way that the original author presents it?  What “moves” does the author make to present the argument?
(For example, the philosophers in the textbook do not use the “five paragraph” essay structure.  While that could be a useful approach for some writing, we should not see that structure here in any of these drafts).
4. Authenticity of tone and word choice–i.e. does this sound like something the original author would write? Does the voice sound authentically like the original source?
5. What kind of evidence building through methods that the original author would use are present?  Does the original author’s philosophies come through effectively in this piece?
6. Now look at the essay as a whole: what are your thoughts about the overall execution of style, structure, tone, and rhetorical devices?
Reminder: this assignment should be well organized, relatively error-free, and in MLA format with a Works Cited page.