Subject: Health Care    / General Health Care

Part I: Identify one cardiovascular testing protocol and find a journal article that utilizes that protocol. Summarize the article and talk about what was gleaned by the researchers from this study. How was this particular testing protocol important? What other testing protocol could they have used?

Part II: A 30 year old male was able to last 9 minutes on the Bruce protocol sub-max test. What is his VO2Max? Design a six week workout program for him to help him regain his cardiovascular endurance.

Instructions:Each student must submit an initial post which is at least 500 words in length and includes at least one scholarly reference. Students are evaluated on the ability to validate, support, and provide evidence for their responses. Each student must also submit at least two classmate postings which are at least 250 words in length. The goal of classmate postings is to provide a professional, scholarly, and honest evaluation of your classmates content. Students are encouraged to engage in dialogue by asking pertinent questions and stating why or why not they agree with their classmates post.

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