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1.	Your friend wants to lose weight by eliminating fats from her diet, but she is dismayed to find that she is still gaining weight. You notice that she has increased the amount of sugary foods she eats. Describe the metabolic pathway by which glucose can be converted into fat. 

2.	Your friend decides to try the Atkins diet, since the no-fat diet didn’t work. Now she has eliminated all carbohydrates from her diet. Explain how energy is obtained from the metabolism of amino acids.

3.	And your poor friend STILL can’t lose weight, so as a last resort, she quits eating altogether. A few days later she passes out, and is rushed to the emergency room, where blood is drawn. Two compounds found in her blood in abnormally high levels are ketones and urea. Explain why.

a.	High level of ketones:
b.	High level of urea: 
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