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You work at Harvard University at the Cancer Research Center. You are studying prostate cancer among different races. You survey 500 men, aged 50-70. Your participants include 100 Irish-Americans, 100 Asian-Americans, 100 African-Americans, 100 Native-Americans, and 100 Cuban-Americans. You record the percentage in each race who developed prostate cancer and obtained the following results: 15% from the Irish-Americans, 17% from the Asian-Americans, 32% from the African-Americans, 9% from the Native-Americans, and 19% from the Cuban-Americans. From those that developed the cancer, you also recorded the percentage that died within 5 yrs of post-diagnosis. You found that 44% died in the Irish-Americans group, 7% from the Asian-Americans, 3% from the African-Americans, 37% from the Native-Americans, and 31% from the Cuban-Americans.
1.	What type of study is this (experimental vs. correlational) and why?
2.	What are the IV(s) and DV(s)?
3.	What can you conclude based on the reported findings?
4.	How might you improve upon this study if you were to do a follow-up?