I am working on a Life Science Task Assignment. I have uploaded the assignment files. I do have some done, but need some verification on A. 1, 2 , and 3, before I turn this section in. I just need to be sure I have my Blood types correct, the Genotypes and Phenotypes correct. I also need to make sure my percentages are correct on my blood types on A2. On A3. On B.1 I decided to use 34 individuals in my survey. I am using; Gender, Thumb extension, PTC tasting , Tongue Rolling, Hand Clasp Thumb Position and Color vision. 

I Thought gender would be male with occurrences being 20, Thumb extension being right over left 25, Tongue rolling 20, Right-handedness 17, Thumb extension 14, Sensitivity to PTC 12, and color vision 7.
For B. 3 I am having trouble finding the national averages of the inherited traits for what I have listed above, so I can prepare my essay. I will need these national averages to compare them to my findings. If you have any suggestions on how to complete write the essay using my findings and the national averages that will also be helpful. Right now that is all the questions I have. C and D I have had no problems with. 

Thanks, Kim