Service: Dissertation Introduction Chapter (writing)
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Topic of your paper: Artificial intelligence
Subject: – Computer Science
i have included a part introduction, i would like this to be amended and added to please, this could give an insight into what the porject is about. thanks a
Is it possible to create a narrow artificial intelligence (NAI) that can be beneficial to users for a specific purpose and appear to give a level of social interaction that comes with human to human level interaction?

In todays computational world were human jobs are being made automated we have to look at how humans and machines can interact with each other, as humans cant talk in a series of ones and zeros and machines cant offer a level of social interaction the average cashier offers, I have had to look at finding a “happy Medium” where a machine in this case a computer can carry out a specific task such as being a librarian and helping a user find the relevant book while still being able to make small talk or converse in the same way a human would. For this to work I have decided to create a different kind of chat bot that can offer the user both.
Throughout this document the whole process will be documented, it will also take a close look at the history of the technology used and where it came from in the Literature Review chapter.
I will also attempt to answer the question posed in the hypothesis to find out if a NAI can give a user a smooth experience.
This document will also house a design chapter which will look at the different processes that are available to create the project and an implementation document showing how we came to house the final iteration of the project.
There will be a critical evaluation chapter that will look at how well the project went overall, what could be changed during future development including other elements of the project management.