In this assignment, you will be writing a brief essay in which you are imagining yourself in the role of client. Pretend that you have gone to visit a human services agency of your choice for the purpose of seeking assistance (e.g., a counseling agency, a non-profit organization, child protective services, a food bank, a private psychologist). Write a fictional, first-person account of what your experience with that human service professional was like. As a client, you will not necessarily know the names of the skills that the professional was using, but reflect on what the professional helper did that was or wasn't helpful to you as the client (e.g., the social worker listened to me, and that helped me feel understood).

    The essay must be a minimum of one page, maximum of two pages
    You may use first person language, but please make sure that you are writing in complete sentences and paragraphs; expand on your ideas
    The account is imaginal, i.e., you do not actually have to go to one of these agencies
    No sources are needed for this essay

This essay will be graded on whether or not you are able to describe two or more counseling skills from the perspective of the client.