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Imagine that you are a Human Resources Director at a mid-sized company. Recently, concerns have arisen over someunethical actions within the workplace. Various employees have approached you with their concerns, and it is time for youto address them. Compose a companywide email addressing the six ethical guidelines for work. Make sure you areconcise yet informative in your approach.Some of areas of interest may include:? Sexual harassment? Dress code? Attendance policy? Vacation policy? Discrimination? Compensation? Alcohol use, drug use, and smoking? Bullying from supervisors or coworkersAfter composing your e-mail, answer the following questions below it in the same document.1. Is this e-mail technical or academic writing? Why? What is the most important difference between the two?2. What are the different parts of an audience in a companywide e-mail? How did you approach dealing with each oftheir concerns?