Subject: Health Care    / General Health Care

Assignment 1 Week 2

1. Explain what each of these terms means to you.Each explanation should not be more than 3-5 lines. I just want to see that you can grasp, what is it and how might you find it in your future. See the list of terms at the end of the IOM lecture

Public Health

Single Payer Health Insurance

Market Share

For- Profit/Not-for –Profit


CMS Audit (Center for Medicare Services)

Return on investment

Bottom Line

Medical Technology


Gross National Product

Managed Care

National Organization

Investor owned

Assisted Living

Group Practice

Diagnosis-related group


Attending Physician

assignment 2 week 2

2. Examine the IOM website and find a topic which has made you excited. I want to learn new thing too. In a 1 page essay present it in such a way that your creativity will make me want to read more.

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