HRM 225A – The job analysis homework

HRM 225A – The job analysis homework

HRM 225A – The job analysis homework

Subject: General Questions / General General Questions

FIRST, think about your experiences with the job analysis homework assignment last week. Use the job you analyzed to complete this discussion question.

NEXT, review the information in Chapter 8 of your textbook on Training Delivery Methods (8.4.1, p. 189-191) and answer the following questions:

Give the job title and a short description of the job requirements for the position you analyzed in Seminar Two.
Using the information in Chapter 8, select the Training Delivery Methods you would use in a day-long training session for that particular job.
How would you go about selecting and sequencing training methods for a day-long program?
Be specific about which methods you would use and how the training would flow.

FIRST, view the following videos which discuss motivation of employees. Pay particular attention to the questions below as you are viewing the videos:

THEN, for your Main Post, respond to the following questions:

How do these videos change your ideas about motivation in the workplace?
What new ideas do you have that your organization (or your future organization) can use to motivate employees?
Identify three things that a trainer can do to enhance employee motivation before, during, and/or after a course. Describe how these practices maintain interest and commitment.
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