Students – this list of terms will be part of your Week 7 homework assignment. It is
recommended that you download this early in the term, and fill in the meanings, page
numbers, and examples of how these terms are used in practice and in HRM as you go
through the course. This will assist you in doing the Week 7 homework AND in studying for
the final exam. ? Workforce diversity
? Watson Wyatt Human Capital
? Outsourcing
? Shared services
? Seniority systems
? Disparate impact ? Disparate treatment ? WARN Act ? Job analysis
? Job attractiveness
? Structured interviews
? Assessment centers
? Personality tests
? Performance simulation tests
? Vocational preferences types
? Realistic-conventional-artistic
? Performance evaluations
? Equal Pay Act ? ADA
? Authorization card
? Job specification
? Job comparison/ranking
? Profit sharing
? Short term disability
? Organizational goal setting
? Achieved outcomes
? 360 degree
? Performance appraisal distortion
? Halo error ? Wagner Act ? Taft Hartley Act ? SWOT analysis
? Employee referrals
? Predictive and concurrent validity
? Employee orientation
? Career development ? Internal vs. external career success
? Training needs assessment ? ADDIE
? Absolute standards
? Job description
? Relative standards
? Job evaluation
Pick 12 terms from the sheet and do the following:
Define the term (1 point per definition, up to 12 points). For any copied information, please use quotation marks and citation.
Provide the page number where you found the information (.25 points each—up to 3 points).
Explain why that term is important to HRM (1.5 points each—up to 18 points).
Give an example of how you would use that term at work or in practice (2 points each—up to 24 points).
What was the most interesting fact or concept you learned this term that you didn’t know coming into the course? Why did you find it interesting? (1–2 paragraphs) (8 points)