Paper instructions:
Content is important.

Citations are required in text with all facts and statistical content, in addition a works cited page is required.

Title page is required.

Plagiarism earns you a ZERO.

All facts need citations within the document and in the reference section.

Pictures and graphs are great, ONLY if they add to your paper. Using pictures and large bullet-ed areas to fill space will be taking into content consideration. Remember 5 pages MINIMUM! This is of educational, informational content. NOT just words, rambles and photographs.

No large bullet sections. This is a short research paper, large bulleted sections are not adding educational content or composition to the paper. No more than 5 bullets per paper. Large bulleted sections will result in point deduction especially if you paper is not in compliance with the minimum content requirements.

– explaining the topic or issue.
– What is your opinion?
– What are your findings?
– Address how the topic is important to society.
– What is the society this topic is important too most?
– Use current examples and cite how this is affecting populations.
– Analyze how this topic is related to self-beliefs (yours and others) and attitudes relevant to health and healthful living.
– Address problems and solutions that revolve around this issue.

occupational injuries prevalence