History: Role play. You live during the period of reform

History: Role play. You live during the period of reform

Subject: History / General History
Answer the following questions. (Each answer should be no less than 150 words). Thank you.
1. Role play. You live during the period of reform covered in this chapter. After reading the chapter, write a letter to the local newspaper expressing your concerns about a specific issue of the day (not necessarily one covered in the text) and your desire to make conditions better. Consider what type of improvements you are trying to make, and who will benefit from your ideas, and how.

2. Compare life among the Transcendental “Brook Farm” experiment, the Shaker community, and the Mormon community. Which of these three groups would you join and why? Which would you not join, and why?

3. Abolition was a topic of discussion and therefore a divisive issue during the mid-1800s. After reading the text, explain which perspective was the best to take at the time: immediate emancipation (American Anti-Slavery Society), gradual emancipation (manumission by owner or compensated emancipation), or the American Colonization Society policy (enforced repatriation of all African Americans to Liberia).

4. After reading the chapter, do some additional reading about a specific person, place or event related to the chapter. Tell us about the topic you chose to research for this chapter: why you chose it, what you learned, and why it is important. You can post this as text, a PowerPoint, or other format. You can link to a short YouTube video clip then explain why you chose your topic and what you learned. This is your opportunity to go beyond the text and teach the class.


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