Choose a minimum of 3 of the primary source readings in Sources for America’s History Vol.1 to answer one of the following essay questions. Your essay should be no less than 1 page. List the 3 primary sources you choose to use at the end of your essay. Do not use web sources without prior instructor consent.

Q.What profound changes in slavery occurred in the period 1815-1860? What were the causes and consequences of this significant shift?

Slavery and the Old South, 1800-1860: Goldfield Ch. 11

Sources for America’s History, pp. 214-218, 282-299

The Way West: Goldfield Ch. 13

Sources for America’s History, pp. 300-311, 320-325

The Politics of Sectionalism, 1846-1861: Goldfield Ch. 14

Sources for America’s History, pp. 325-334

Battle Cries… :The Civil War, 1861-1865: Goldfield Ch. 15

Sources for America’s History, pp. 335-338, 339-357

Reconstruction, Goldfield: Ch. 16

Sources for America’s History, pp. 359-380

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Business Strategies-Fina exam
1) The work identifies urbanization and changes to work as two social changes, however information explaining these changes and their importance is not sufficient
2) The submission asserts that communism developed from capitalism due to the failure of factories and the need for the government to step in, however specific historical information to support this assertion.