HINT 297 – EHR and Intranet For the improvement of the care quality

HINT 297 – EHR and Intranet For the improvement of the care quality

Subject: Business / Management
Discussion Question 1: List three major strides that occurred since January 2000 that moved the health care industry farther along toward achieving health information systems goals and expectations. Cite your sources. What role will you as an RHIT or RHIA take to further these HI systems goals and expectations?

Discussion Question 2: Describe how theintranetis used at your practicum site or at your current employer. How is this different from your classmates’ sites? What potential types of information can be stored on theintranetthat will benefit employees of the organization?

I am going to answer this for you, but I would like to know what some of your experiences are. My first experience with an intranet included mainly benefit/HR information. There were daily updates for the cafeteria menu and things like that, but typically nothing too technical. There were calendars for meetings and whatnot. One very big change was the inclusion of “YouTube”- types of videos used for employee training. Often those videos are accompanied by competency tests so that HR does not have to bring all staff into a single location for annual or periodic updates. The testing is tracked and reports are run off of those sessions. Many facilities use the intranet to roll out IT updates to train and make employees aware of upcoming changes.

You should/could contact your assigned preceptor to get their feedback.

This video would be a good example…annual HIPAA training. http://youtu.be/m4S-D8jr0_g (this video may also be helpful when watching and answering the Lecture Lesson assignment in HINT 297)

It is the same video I posted in the announcement in HINT 297 for this week.

What experiences have you all had with Intranets at your place of employment? Does anyone have access to additional information other than the examples of what I gave? Please share.

Answer in APA format along with a reference page. Each discussion question shouldn’t take more than a page or a little more than a page.


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