Herzing BU 204 – The purpose of the negotiation analysis

Subject: Business    / General Business
The purpose of the negotiation analysis paper is to help you transfer the negotiation concepts
from the course to negotiations in your own style. I would like you to use concepts learned in the
course to analyze a negotiation situation. The negotiation may be one that has recently
concluded, or one that you are in the midst of right now. It may be a negotiation between
organizations or within an organization. It may be a dyadic negotiation or one with multiple
parties. It may be a situation of chronic conflict.
Your task is to analyze the situation using the concepts from the course in you will prepare a
reflection paper in APA 6th ed. format. Remember to include the cover page and reference
page. Cite all work at the place where used in the paper. Use only Times New Roman, 12
fonts. Double-space all content. Please complete work in Microsoft word document (doc or
docx). (All pages must have a minimum 3/4-page content.) You must have a cover page and a
reference page formatted according to APA, 6th edition. Spend no more than three pages
describing the situation. Spend the bulk of your time and words on an analysis of the
negotiation. Be careful to select a negotiation that is complex enough to challenge your
analytical skills. For example, buying a car is probably not a good choice for a paper topic;
neither is a negotiation in which you did everything right. BATNA
o Know Your BATNA: The Power of Information in Negotiation
o 10 Hard Bargaining Negotiation Skills
o Negotiation Examples: Crisis Negotiators Use Text Messaging
o Negotiation as Your BATNA: The Syrian Civil War and Crisis Negotiations
o What is BATNA: How to Create Win-Win Negotiated Agreement
Business Negotiations
o Business Negotiation Examples With Different Types of Auctions
o Creating Value Through Haggling – Setting the Stage for Negotiation Success
o Navigating Business Relationships Using Negotiation
o Contract Negotiations and Business Communication: How to Write an Iron-Clad
o Negotiation Ethics May Be a Slippery Slope
Conflict Resolution
o Advanced Negotiation Strategies and Concepts Using Negotiation Examples
from Real Life: Hostage Negotiation Tips for Business Negotiators
o 5 Conflict Resolution Strategies
o How Mood Affects Negotiators
o Types of Power in Negotiation: Using Negotiation Research to Eliminate Gender
Difference in Bargaining Scenarios
o Conflict Management and Negotiation: Personality and Individual Differences
That Matter
Crisis Negotiations
o Police Negotiation Techniques from the New York City Police Department
Hostage Negotiations Team
o In Greece Crisis Negotiation, Tough Conditions May Have Affected the Deal
o Famous Negotiations Cases – NBA and the Power of Deadlines at the
Bargaining Table
o After the West Coast Ports Conflict, Damage Remains Dealing with Difficult People
o Contract Negotiations and Business Transactions: Deal with Sub-Optimal Offers
in Negotiations
o Examples of Difficult Situations at Work: Consensus and Negotiated Agreements
o Negotiation Strategies: Bernie Sanders’ Pragmatic Approach to Negotiating in the
o When Dealing with Difficult People, Try a Complementary Approach
o Dealing with Difficult People – In and Outside of Congress
Deal Making
o Negotiated Agreements: Why You Should Limit Your Options
o Integrative Negotiation Examples: MESOs and Expanding the Pie
o Case Study of Business Negotiations and Deal Making: Giving Voice to
Negotiators Away from the Bargaining Table
o In Employment Contract Negotiation, “No Haggling” Isn’t the Answer
o MESO Negotiation: Learn from a Seller’s Market
Dispute Resolution
o What is Dispute Resolution in Law: The Ins and Outs of Arbitration
o How to Negotiate with Friends and Family
o In Contract Negotiations, Agree on How You’ll Disagree
o Negotiating Skills and Negotiation Tactics for Getting What You Want at the
Negotiation Table: Patience is a Winning Negotiation Skill
o How Expressing Disappointment Impacts Offers in Negotiations
International Negotiation
o Crisis Negotiation Scenarios in Europe: The European Financial Crisis
International Negotiations
o How to Negotiate with Difficult People: International Negotiation, and a Refusal to
o Closing the Deal in Negotiations
o How Professional Negotiators Can Avoid Public Controversy
o Diplomatic Negotiations to Build a Winning Coalition to Negotiate with Iran
Negotiation Leadership Skills
o Leadership Styles in Negotiation: The Case of Ebay and Paypal
o Advantages and Disadvantages of Leadership Styles: Uncovering Bias and
Generating Mutual Gains
o Women Negotiators Break New Ground
o Negotiations, Gender, and Status at the Bargaining Table
o Impact of Leadership Styles on Strategic Decisions: Taylor Swift and Apple Music
at the Negotiation Table
o Mediation Checklist: What to Know When Hiring Mediators
o Mediating Better Community Relations in New Orleans
o Adversarial Negotiation, Mediation, and Business Negotiations: The Advantages
of a Neutral Third-Party Mediator in Dispute Resolution Scenarios
o Managing Factions in Multiparty Negotiations Faultlines in Groups
o Mediation Process and Business Negotiations: How Does Mediation Work in a
Negotiation Skills
o How Chaos at the Bargaining Table Can Help Negotiators Reach Agreement o For a Mutually Beneficial Agreement, Collaboration is Key
o How to Become a Negotiation Master
o Promoting Fair Outcomes in Negotiation
o Power in Negotiation and Self-Fulfilling Prophecies
Negotiation Training
o Negotiation Books: A Negotiation Reading List for 2017
o The Importance of Relationship in Negotiation
o Ethics and Negotiation: Understanding What You Need to Keep in Mind at the
Negotiating Table
o Negotiating for Continuous Improvement: Use a Negotiation Preparation
o Negotiation Training: What’s Special About Technology Negotiations?
Salary Negotiations
o Salary Negotiation: How to Ask for a Higher Salary
o Setting Standards in Negotiations
o Are Salary Negotiation Skills Different for Men and Women?
o Salary Negotiations and Performance-Based Pay
o Make the Most of Your Salary Negotiations
o Gender Discrimination: How to Reach a Negotiated Agreement
o The Best Negotiation Exercises, Simulations and Videos for the New Semester
o Q&A with William Ury, author of Getting To Yes With Yourself
o New Negotiation Game to Teach Crucial Leadership Skills
o The Value of Using Scorable Simulations in Negotiation Training