HCM 422 – Create a formal proposal, including an executive summary

Subject: Business    / Management

Create a formal proposal, including an executive summary addressed to your supervisor that presents an alternative resolution strategy to be formally implemented and required by all managers within your department. Make sure the proposal includes the following:
The created alternative dispute resolution strategy
A list of key communication skills needed for successful use of the strategy
A description of how the strategy will be communicated to employees
A recommendation for training if necessary
A discussion of how the strategy can benefit the organization/department from a legal perspective
After completing your proposal, apply the strategy to three (3) types of situations that you have experienced in your department that included conflict. Specifically;
Conflict between two employees
Conflict between employee and a patient
Conflict between an employee and a customer or other non patient/department personnel.
Apply your strategy to each of your examples, and determine if the outcome would have been different if you had applied the strategy at the time of conflict.
Summarize your applications in a 3-5 page paper.