HCA 415 Week 4 Debate: Is Health Care a Right or a Privilege

Subject: General Questions    / College life

Your instructor will divide the class into to different debate teams. You will be responsible for composing your own initial debate post and for making the required number of responses to classmates on the other side of the debate. Note: There are two different discussion topic threads, your initial post will occur within the debate forum assigned to your team below, however your responses to peers will occur within the other debate forum.

Debate Team 2: Health Care is a Privilege. You will present an argument that health care is a privilege via a substantial post in this discussion. You must use at least three scholarly sources, one of which can be the textbook, in providing evidence that supports this argument.

Responses to Team 1: You will post a rebuttal against two of your classmates who were on Team 1. Read through the posts and then refute two of your classmates’ arguments that health care is a right. Refer to elements in their original post as you rebut their points.
This debate is NOT about the Affordable Care Act. The ACA is about access to health insurance, not about health care itself. You should NOT be using that for your argument at all. Health care is simply getting care when you need it. Health insurance is simply a means of paying for it.Anyone using the ACA as part of their argument will lose points. We discuss the ACA in the second discussion for this week. Thank you!