Paper instructions:
Rough draft includes an introduction, a minimum of four body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
MAke sure that whatever is put into the essay from a reference that it is cited in the in-text citation correctly in APA format.
Body paragraphs include transitional statements and topic paragraphs.
A minimum of eight references are incorporated as support into the essays.
References are cited using correct APA formatting in both in-text citations and a references page.
Furthermore, keep in mind the following tips:
Ensure that you remain without bias in essay and you fairly present both sides of the argument on your issue.
Do not write in first or second person (avoid the use of pronouns such as I, me, mine, we, us, ours, you, yours, etc.)
Be sure to revise the introduction and conclusion I attached to this. Also an outline is attached. But if you find that changing some pieces makes more sense as you draft, that is fine. I also included some references if you want to use them. I cited them forst and then provided the URL. I need at least 8 minimum in the paper, 5 should be scholarly sources.
Remember to use appropriate formatting as per APA (6th ed.)