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1. Disney World in Florida wants to expand onto a Wetland. It has offered to buy and
preserve a large nature preserve in a different area to make up for the wetland it is
destroying. Based on what you have learned about wetlands, is that reasonable? What
conditions would make it reasonable or unreasonable?
Suppose further that the wetland being destroyed and its replacement area both contain
several endangered species (but different ones). How would you compare different
species against each other? How many plant or insect species would one animal species
be worth?
2. Suppose a hurricane blows down most of the trees in a forest. Timber company
officials offer to salvage the fallen trees and replant a tree plantation to reduce the
chances of fire and to improve the area's appearance. In return, they want an agreement
that they can harvest the trees when they mature and plant another tree farm. Others argue
that the damaged forest should be left alone because hurricanes and other natural events
are part of nature and the dead trees will serve as a source of nutrients for natural
recovery through ecological succession. What do you think should be done and why?