Globilisation or localisation of culture

Globilisation or localisation of culture

This week’s journal articles consider the globalisation of business and culture, and discuss the ways in which it can affect international business strategy and management. Consider the evidence you see for the globalisation or localisation of culture in the consumer and/or labour markets and respond to the following questions:

1.How important is effective management of the culturally diverse social capital in a multinational company for achieving strategic corporate objectives with regard to human resource management or the management of other business functions?

2. Apply the concepts of globalisation, localisation, and globalisation to the business function that you select.

3. Is social capital equally important in each paradigm?

4..Explain your answer with reference to practical examples from your own organisation or professional experience.

5.How would you consciously develop your social capital? Share some strategies and tactics.

Also, refernces can be found inMead, R. & Andrews, T. G. (2009)International management. 4th ed. Chichester, England: John Wiley & Sons.

Read Chapter 7, ‘Motivation’. CPt 19,21 &22

Reference and in cite referencing should be in Harvard Style. Please headline each question. and avoid plagiarism