1. Global supply chain systems are increasingly implemented to many firms as they strive to capture their market share in global market.
(a) What are the primary differences between regional/national supply chain vs. global supply
(b) How is offshore manufacturing related to global supply chain?
(c) Describe an example of one successful offshore manufacturing for effective global supply chain.
(d) What are the key success factors of global supply chains?

2. Suppose you are a supply chain manager of a small electronic manufacturing firm that is about to develop and implement a global strategy along with the CEO.
(a) What strategy would you recommend among a speculative strategy, a hedge strategy or a flexible strategy? (Define these three strategies).
(b) Explain your rationale with supporting details here?

3. You are the manager of a regional bakery.
(a) Compare and contrast issues that need to consider for European Market (e.g., Belgium)
and emerging economies (e.g., Nigeria).
(b) What would be difference between North American market (e.g., Canada) and South
American market (e.g., Latin America)

4. (a) How would you characterize Wal-Mart Global strategy?
(b) Other than USA market, in which market Wal-Mart displays solid growth? (c) Explain why. Provide supporting details.