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I have an assignment for a multimedia presentation (PowerPoint) I have attached the requirements.

Attached are a PDF of the requirements and a PDF slide show explaining the requirements…
Here are some links to webinars for this assignment, it is not required that you watch these they are merely for guidance if needed..″>Live Webinar: Welcome to GKT1, Four Themes, and Powerpoint″>”>Live Webinar: GKT1 Topics and Research Tips”>

Bellow is a list of off limit topics for this assignment…
Topics that May Not Be Used in GKT1In GKE1, we taught the four themes and provided you with the sources to learn about the examples we provided. In GKT1, you are required to do your own research in order to match new topics to the four themes. For that reason, the GKT1 rubric requires you to refrain from using topics from GKE1. The following topics were covered in GKE1. These topics MAY NOT BE USED in your GKT1 PowerPoint presentation:
Geography and the Development/Diffusion of Human Societies:
The Tigris-Euphrates River System (Mesopotamia)Indus River ValleyYellow River ValleyThe Nile River (Egypt)The Inca CivilizationThe Chariot of MesopotamiaThe Pepper of South AmericaThe Potato of South AmericaTea from ChinaEgyptian ReligionThe Mississippi RiverThe Gold in the Sierra Nevada Mountains that caused the Gold RushThe drought in the Midwest that caused the Dust BowlThe blight on the potatoes of Ireland that caused the Irish Potato Famine
Individuals and Institutions as Mechanisms of Social/Governmental Change:
Mohandas GandhiMartin LutherNelson MandelaBenazir BhuttoMao ZedongMartin Luther King, Jr.Susan B. AnthonyEleanor RooseveltAndrew Jackson
Historical Systems of Power, Governance, and Authority:
European Imperialism in the Americas, India, Southeast Asia, or AfricaThe Russian RevolutionThe American RevolutionThe Orange RevolutionThe Indian Independence Movement
Science and Technology as the Engine of Economic Growth and Development:
The Factory System of the Industrial Revolution (1780-1850). Pictures and quotes must have in text citations as well as a APA citations list on ending slide.Attachments area

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