GEO 200 – The Rock Cycle

Subject: Geography / General Geography
GEO 200 FALL 2016

Take-home portion of Test 1 – Introduction to Geography and the Lithosphere (25 points)

1. Draw a diagram of the Rock Cycle. Include the three classes of rocks, and the processes that transform the lithospheric materials (8 points).

Matching. Match the term and definition.

2. _____ Map projection

3. _____ Map scale

4. _____ GPS

5. _____ GIS

6. _____ Trench

7. _____ Mid-ocean ridge

A. Ratio of map units to ground units

B. Zone of sea-floor spreading

C. Interactive, layered, computer mapping applications

D. Locational systems that rely on a series of 24 satellites and hand-held receivers

E. The mathematical processes of representing 3-d information onto a 2-d surface

F. The meeting line between two convergent plates

8. List Earth’s four spheres and explain or describe what each entails (4 points).





9. (Multiple choice – select one) Consider the following: Warmer Arctic temperatures have reduced the amount of highly reflective sea ice. As the area of sea ice has diminished, the darker, less reflective ocean surface absorbs more solar radiation. This contributes to warming temperatures, and further increases melting of sea ice. Which statement best characterizes this example?

a. The earth is an open system.

b. Positive feedback reinforces unidirectional change within a system, like a snowball effect.

c. Negative feedback returns a system to equilibrium.

d. The concept of steady state equilibrium emphasizes fluctuation around a stable average.

10. The Andes Mountains were cited in class as an example of oceanic plate-continental plate collision orogenesis (mountain building). Draw and label the Andes Mountains on the map below.

11. In class, we talked about Iceland’s location at the meeting point of the North American Plate and the Eurasian Plate. This location explains Iceland’s extensive seismic activity, including volcanoes and geothermal hot springs. Locate and label Iceland on the map below.

12. Draw and label a side view diagram of the process that is occurring at Iceland(2 points possible).

13. Drawn and label a side view diagram of the process that is occurring at the Andes mountains(2 points possible).

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