Genetics – Punnett Squares
The purpose of this lab is to assist you in learning about how scientists make predictions regarding heritable traits. The Punnett Square is a tool used by scientists to make predictions about the possible offspring outcomes from different sets of parents. 
You will go to the following website:
You will follow the instructions and work through the simulation as instructed in the lab. 
As you perform the simulation, you will record your results in the table below . 
Once you have completed the lab activity and the table, you will answer the remaining journal questions below. Please be sure to confer with your textbook and lecture notes. Please answer all questions in another color font.
Save your file and upload it into eCampus in the proper lab section for grading. Do NOT copy and paste it into the text box on eCampus.
Scenario #	Genotype of parent 1	Genotype of parent 2	Ratio of Offsping Genotype	Ratio of Offspring Phenotypes

*Please review lecture notes regarding how to properly write ratios found under ch 12 Genetics Problem Review Powerpoint
Journal Questions:
1.	For one of the monohybrid crosses you performed in this Investigation, describe how to use the phenotype ratios to determine the percentage of offspring displaying each trait.

2.	Can the genotype for a gray-bodied fly be determined? Why or why not?

3.	Describe all of the possible genotypes for a gray-bodied fly.

4.	Explain why an organism with a homozygous dominant genotype has the same phenotype as an organism with a heterozygous genotype.

5.	What genetic information can be obtained from a Punnett square?

6.	What genetic information cannot be determined from a Punnett square?