General Psychology : If you were on the board of education for your local

Subject: Psychology / General Psychology
In your own understanding, respond to each question in ½ to 1 page per question,
providing original examples where indicated. Include the cultural and ethnicity factors
discussed by the text authors.

1. If you were on the board of education for your local school district and were asked for your opinions about what would make a good school, what might you say? If you
were also asked what qualities should be sought in a teacher, how would you respond?

2. Some people have referred to television as the “boob tube,” their point being that too much television will result in cognitive impairments or socially unacceptable behaviors in
children and adolescents. Present a fair and balanced response to this notion by first
discussing some possible negative effects of television viewing and then evidence
suggesting the possibility of positive outcomes from watching television.

3. Mauricio is very prejudiced against White people. Use research from your text to describe two methods you might use to attempt to reduce this prejudice.

4. Describe common causes of death for teens in the United States. Be sure to discuss how ethnicity and gender each contributes to the way teens die. How does adolescent
risk-taking behavior contribute to these events?

5. List and briefly describe the different personality types found in John Holland’s theory of career development. Give an original example of one career in which a person
with each personality type would thrive.

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