GED 130 – Diamond Fever brought thousands

Subject: General Questions    / General General Questions

1. “Diamond Fever” brought thousands of outsiders into_____

a. South Africa

b. Togoland

c. Tanzania

d. East Africa

2. What did Benito Mussolini and Hungary’s Nicholas Horthy have in common?

a. Both survived the war as rulers of their countries.

b. Both protected their countries’ Jews from Nazi extrermination

c. Both assisted Hitler’s campaign against Europe’s Jews.

d. Both were facist dictators.

3. The goal of Panca Sila was ________

a. democracy

b. the spread of Communism

c. national unity

d. autocratic rule

4. Industrialization brought which of these social changes to much of Latin America?

a. greater social stratification.

b. a dominant military

c. stronger working classes

d. a dominanat middle class

5. Which Latin American nation became a have for fleeing Germans after World War II?

a. Chile

b. Argentina

c. Brazil

d. Mexico

6. Which of these was a victim of the Great Purges?

a. Leon Trotsky

b. Joseph Stalin

c. V.I. Lenin

d. Alexander Keresky

7. The New Economic Policy represented ______ classical Marxism.

a. a renewed commitment to

b. a slight modification to

c. a Soviet attack on

d. a move away from