Subject: Business    / Accounting

Essay FORMAT: Each paragraph will be 6-8 sentences in length (not including your in-text citations/quotes) integrating concepts from the textbook and the supported documentation provided. Your Case Study must be written in proper APA format, Times New Roman or Arial, size 12 font, double spaced, with in-text citations, and a Reference page. Refer to your template from Case 1- and use appropriate headers/sub headers within your paper (to clearly identify the discussion question you are answering).

Discussion Questions:
1. Even though the Supreme Court dismissed the Wal-Mart class action suit, does there appear to you to be a pattern of discrimination against women in promotion at Wal-Mart? Be sure to use text concepts when determining discriminatory practices.
2. Read the excerpt from Wal-Mart’s Global Responsibility Report on its Workplace practices. According to your text and its definitions of diversity, does Wal-Mart have a diverse workforce? Cite specific Wal-Mart programs or statistics to back up your opinion.
3. Read the Decision Point on p. 297 in your text – “Women’s Economic Development programs”. In addition, read pp. 68-71 in Wal-Mart’s most recent Global Responsibility Report. Address this question – What do you think Wal-Mart’s motives were when they launched this program in 2011? Now, three year later, as described in their GRR, is it still accomplishing the goals it was set out to do and are WalMart’s motivations the same?