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Form a Communication Strategy Memo

Details: After reading case study 2-2 (Taco Bell) about the still hot GMO controversy, draft a communication strategy memo. In preparing the document, identify yourself as a Taco Bell senior manager who has been asked to provide advice to Laurie Gannon regarding the issue she and the company are facing. Address your strategy memo to Ms. Laurie Gannon, Public Relations Director at Taco Bell Corporation. Write clearly and concisely (but not skimpily)! Remember that you must provide your audience with relevant pieces of information. But do not force them to wade through unnecessary information.

With respect to content (and as a basis for your memo), use the relevant sections of the case as well as the concepts from chapters 1 & 2 in the textbook. Remember that communicating strategically means communicating plans that directly support organizational goals.

With respect to structure, use the sample strategy memo in the textbook, Appendix D, page 387. Apply the sample thoroughly. Be sure that your discussion section explains and interprets relevant background facts and is the basis for the recommendations.

Textbook: O’Rourke, J. S. (2013). Management Communication: A Case-Analysis Approach, 5th ed. Pearson Prentice Hall.

Cite your sources, including your textbook, in APA style (the OWL has good examples of online citations: The answer will not be accepted if you do not cite the textbook and external sources.

Cite all your sources in APA style!

-Excellent assignment responses will indicate that you have read the course material and comprehend it fully, but will also demonstrate relevance to the topic and/or questions and will ultimately provide some “value added”.
-Participation quality can be enhanced and improved by linking work and life experiences to the topic at hand, referring and/or linking to previously discussed concepts, providing full justifications for arguments and avoiding minimalist responses (e.g. “I agree” or “I don’t think so” or “may be”).
-A qualitatively sound response is of paramount importance.
-In order to earn an accepted answer for the assignment, your response must be consistent with a level of depth commensurate with that of a master’s level student.
-You should clearly and thoroughly address every question asked of you with the appropriate amount of detail that removes any ambiguity about your position on an issue.
– Engaging in analytical thinking is a must at this level as it demonstrates an understanding of each side of an issue well enough to impartially think on both sides of the issue.
– Be sure to also use relevant external sources to support your arguments as your opinion on an issue is simply an opinion and not evidence.
-Be accurate when you use information as evidence and incorporate relevant course information as justification for your arguments.
-Please ensure that your responses do not include spelling and grammatical errors – use spellcheck or other software programs if need be.

Please read ALL instructions carefully before constructing your answer. Please note the answer will be extensively checked for any and all forms of plagiarism before accepted.

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