From the weekly readings and first e-Activity, analyze three (3) challenges public leaders face when the business of private leaders takes precedence over the business of the government. Recommend two (2) sound strategies that public leaders could implement in order to ensure that the privatization of public services does not negatively influence citizens.
•From the weekly readings and second e-Activity, create two (2) scenarios that focus on political debates or controversies that a public leader and business leader may face during or after negotiations aimed at the privatization of public services. Suggest one (1) theory, two (2) styles and two characteristics of a public leader that would be most effective in diffusing the debate or controversy.
•Imagine that a small-town school system has appointed a new, but experienced, superintendent of schools. The school system is experiencing serious problems: worsening grades, budget cuts, increased vandalism, and low morale among the teachers. Suggest one (1) theory, two (2) styles and two (2) leadership characteristics that would be most effective for the superintendent to adopt when addressing such problems. Provide a rationale for your response.