Which form of international commercial payment that involves one or more banks

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1. Which form of international commercial payment that involves one or more banks?

A. Bill of exchange

B. Sight draft

C. Date draft

D. Letter of credit

2. Which one of the following is not part of an organization's macro-environment?

A. Political environment

B. Economic environment

C. Internal environment

D. Social environment

3. Identify the information that an international marketer needs to know under the head of

“Analysis of company sales potential” to evaluate firm sales and profit potential.

A. Market Access

B. Product Potential

C. Cost of Internal Distribution

D. Per capita income and distribution

4. Carriage and insurance paid to (CIP) is one of the term of sale is used in place of which

of the following?

A. Free alongside ship (FAS)

B. Cost, insurance, and freight (CIF)

C. Cost and freight (CFR)

D. Free on board (FOB)

5. Identify the analysis that an international marketer uses to determine potential export in

international market.

A. Two stage analysis

B. Four stage analysis

C. Three stage analysis

D. Five stage analysis

6. An individual is using the systematic design, collection, analysis, and reporting of data

relevant to marketing its programs to minority students. What do we call this?

A. Promotion

B. Marketing research

C. Self-study

D. Cost-benefit analysis

7. Identify the pricing term that indicates that the charterer of a vessel is responsible for

the cost of loading and unloaded goods from vessel.

A. Free in

B. Free in and out

C. Free out

D. Free out and in

8. Which form of data can usually be obtained more quickly and at a lower cost?

A. Secondary

B. Primary

C. Census

D. Tertiary

9. Which method of research can be used to obtain information if people are unwilling or

unable to provide?

A. Observation

B. Focus groups

C. Personal interviews

D. Questionnaires

10. What is the desired rate of speech for a presentation?

A. 100 to 150 words

B. 10 to 15 words

C. 25 to 50 words

D. 50 to 90 words