Forensic Psychology -The validity of forensic psychology in determining the defendant’s insanity and competency

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M2A1: Research Paper: Topic Selection

PSY375: Forensic Psychology

As you explore the content in each module of this course, you start work on a research paper based on one of six areas of forensic psychology, which are:

1. The validity of forensic psychology in determining the defendant’s insanity and competency

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2. The application of forensic psychology to law enforcement screening, hiring, and training
3. Accuracy and probability of predictions: The ability of forensic psychologists to predict dangerousness and assess risk
4. The use of forensic psychology in determining the validity of syndrome evidence: Is it a viable defense or simply an excuse?
5. The use of forensic psychologists in determining the award of child custody in divorces
6. The use of forensic psychology in validating eyewitness testimony: Its accuracy and usefulness in court

Once you have selected the area of forensic psychology that you want to focus on, complete the following:

• In Module 2, you are tasked with choosing a topic for your research paper. To do this, select one area of interest from the six choices given above. Conduct cursory research on the topic that you find most interesting, and submit a 250-word (1 page) paper explaining why you have selected that topic. Include specific details you wish to cover and how they relate to the main topic of discussion. Explain how you plan to approach the writing of your main paper—such as comparing and contrasting issues, using actuarial data to support your position, a pro- or against standpoint, etc.

In this module, please choose the topic for your paper and get your instructor’s approval.