1. Which of the following tool provides the company with business-related information like industry trends and competitor information?

a) Business Automation (BA) b) Enterprise Marketing Automation (EMA) c) Customer Service and Support (CSS) d) Sales Force Automation (SFA)

2. A security measure to stop unauthorized access to documents is:

a) Backup/restore b) Physical access restrictions c) Network access control d) None of the given options

3. The centralized storage (in a data warehouse) of all information relevant to customer interaction is BEST described by which of the following concepts?

a) Collaborative CRM b) Scalability c) Data base d) Workflow

4. With respect to customer satisfaction, which of the following is referred as the key to success?

a) Preference b) Up-to-date Supply c) Courtesy d) Enthusiasm

5. Product-related ethical issues can arise when marketers:

a) Do not provide consumers with enough information about product transportation. b) Fail to disclose information to consumers about the risks associated with using a product. c) Force intermediaries to behave in a specific manner. d) Do not provide consumers with enough information about how a product is priced.

6. A _____ is an organized collection of comprehensive information about individual customers or prospects.

a) Business database b) Customer mailing list c) Customer database d) Marketing database

7. Companies can gain a strong competitive advantage through having better-trained people. This is known as:

a) Personnel differentiation b) Product differentiation c) Personnel training d) Human resources parity

8. In service marketing, the most important link to the customer is known as:

a) The tangible aspects of the service b) Well-trained contact employees c) Good word-of-mouth communication d) Effective advertising

9. Which of the following is a technique that might be used by an active listener?

a) Offer a point of view often when in conversation b) Paraphrase the speaker's meaning c) Express concern d) Explain the speaker's meaning

10. Which of the following are the two skills associated with being a good listener?

a) To pay attention and to provide a strong point of view in response to a given message b) To pay attention and to provide feedback c) To pay attention and to mask your disinterest when necessary d) To listen to more than one message at a time and to provide constructive criticism