1. What do you believe one are influences among managers who operate using a flat organizational structure may exert on an organization, as opposed to the impact of managers with specialized skills in a hierarchical structure. Provide support for your rationale.
2. Put yourself in a managers position that's responsible for implementing an extensive technology change within an organization. How do you think most employees are will react to this change. What is one (1) way in which you would decrease the impact of this reaction to the change management process. Provide support for your suggestion.

3. Reommend one (1) HR Management strategy that both addresses the needs of a multi-generational workforce and supports an organization’s recruitment and maintenance of quality employees. Provide support for your recommendation.

4. Attempt to come up with (1) significant challenge that may be management related management related to diversity, and suggest one (1) strategy that management may use either to minimize or overcome this challenge. Provide one (1) example to illustrate the challenge.