You are hiring for an entry level human resources position in Peel – a Human Resources Assistant. No experience in HR is required, but a degree in Human Resources is required, preferred but not required are a good fluency level in written and spoken Punjabi or Hindi.

There is high potential for candidate to progress to the Manager level or above within 3-5 years.

Prepare a Recruitment Action Plan and Position Requisition for this position. You will be expected to outline the reasons for filling the role and plans for sourcing, promotion, detailed screening process (testing, screening interview format, interview questions & response expectations), and selection decision-making to move to second stage interview process.

1.Find or develop a job description and job specifications for the role. There will be many available online. (in detal)

2.Develop Selection Criteria and why these are chosen?explain in detail not few sentences

3.Review and summarize state of labour market for position. in detail