Financial Management – What was the conversion

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This assignment will explore Google’s transition from a proprietorship to a publicly traded company. Write a paper regarding the conversion process and the affect of the conversion on the company’s financing.


Write a paper of 1,750 words that includes the following:

What was the conversion process followed by Google? How did Google manage the issues of converting from a group of proprietors to investors with an executive team including a formalized operational strategy and concerns for public image?
Did Google use an investment banker initially to assist in the conversion process? Why or why not? Did that decision change, and if so what was the reasoning? Who, if anyone, benefited, and how did they benefit? How does this affect your opinion about using an investment banker in underwriting?
How does a corporation select an investment banker? What characteristics are most important to consider in hiring an investment banker?
What determined Google’s total value when it went public? How was the initial offering price for Google’s stock determined?
How did investors acquire Google stock before and after the involvement of an investment banker? What is your personal evaluation of Google’s decision to convert to a publicly traded corporation? What were the positive and negative results of the conversion? Overall, was this an appropriate investment strategy? Will the conversion now create opportunities to gain capital for continued growth?
How did the conversion to a public corporation affect the company’s autonomy and privacy?