BA 211 Financial Accounting
Comprehensive Group Project – Phase II

Step 1: Using the excel worksheet provided in Canvas use the information on the TB, create the current year 2015 financial statements.
Note: some information in the 2015 financial statements has been provided to you as assistance. Some spaces have been strategically left blank as a clue that amounts and headings need to be populated in the cells.
You may use the formulas provided in the worksheet

Step 2: Calculate and report (use excel worksheet provided) the following ratios:
Answer the questions at the top of the worksheet and
Provide the formula, explanation and worked out answer (with details):
Working capital
Current ratio
Quick ratio
Debt ratio
Times interest earned ratio
Gross profit percentage
Inventory turnover ratio
Return on assets
i) Earnings per share

Please upload excel worksheet to Canvas. Only one student in the group needs to upload the file to Canvas.