FINAN 4550 Country Project Final Write-Up

Subject: Business / Finance
Country Project Final Write-Up
Country: China
Company need to describe in article: Alibaba This is an individual write-up, not as a group. You are encouraged to include
charts, graphs, and exhibits of interest. Be creative. The goal is to provide a
concise summary of the events that have affected your country over the course of
the semester. You may also include brief historical facts about your country. Please
include the following information in your final written report:
1. What is the country’s most recent annual GDP? (in dollars and the annual
growth rate in GDP).
2. Is the currency pegged, fixed, or floating? If it is pegged, what is it pegged
3. What is the country’s most recent annual inflation rate?
4. What is the country’s Current Account Balance (most recent, 2016)?
5. What is the interest rate on the country’s 10-year government bond? What
is the bond rating?
6. List the largest companies and industries in the country. List the major
7. What type of government exists in your country? Democratic republic, etc.
8. Where does your country fall on the Heritage Foundation’s 2016 “Index of
Economic Freedom”? (
9. Where does your country fall on Transparency International’s 2016 (or most
recent) “Corruption Perceptions Index”? (
10.How did your country’s currency, market, and company perform this
semester? Why? Relate your answer to significant events in the news. Have
there been any significant economic, social, or geo-political events that
have impacted your country? Please make this discussion about the
currency, market, and company thoughtful and a minimum of one page
typed. Assume I know nothing of your country’s economics and have asked
you for a brief but comprehensive overview. 11.Be sure to attach back-up sources for GDP, inflation rate, interest rate on
debt, bond rating, and current account balance.
This assignment is worth 15 points.

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