Please complete those four parts of this feasiblitiy plan the idea (Healthy Center for the Kids) attached
by at least 200 words in each blank.

The Idea is about creating Healthy Center for the Kids

Executive Summery
The purpose of this idea is to have a center where our kids can provide a healthy life for our kids. Nowadays many families are suffering from obesity problem with their children. Statistics and many researches are found that the numbers of obesity are increasing dramatically among children. 
In UAE for example, 40% of kids are suffering from the Obesity.
So from this point we tried to create a solution of How to solve or reduce the obesity among the kids 
Our project is to have a healthy center for the kids. Center will provide many activities, sports, adventure body games and learning courses for the kids.
The main target market for our business is the kids from the age of 5 – 15 years old. We will have deferent segmentations for example from age 5-10 (fist segment and from 10 – 15 (second segment)  
For each segment we will provide deferent activities that matching with their age capabilities.
Recently the most activity centers for the kids are providing electronic games only. But our business will be differentiated from them by offering activities where kids will move, play and practice, so will gain the competitive adventure by the uniqueness of our business nature since it will add more benefits for the kids.
Our business will be offered to customer on a daily basis. We will have special promotions for the weekend. We will concentrate more on vacations and holiday events.
This project will cost us approximately four million as initial cost. Operations and administration cost will be around two million. For the premises and location we will lease a place from Hotel which will cost us a fixed rental cost five hundred thousand every year. The period which required reaching breckeven point is three years from inception.
Financing will be arranged throughout equity financing from owner and partners.

The Business concept

The business idea of having a healthy center where comprehensive activities can be offered to kids segments is one of the uniqieness ideas and business in the market. Most of current centers are offering electronic games where kids spend most of the time playing on some types of activities were it has no mental and body advantages.
On our healthy center for kids, we age aiming to find a solution for obesity. We are trying to participate with some creative efforts to reduce the number of obesity children in the UAE. 
Because of new technology and globalization, our kids are become more dependent on finding everything ready without paying single efforts. That why the kids now are suffering from obesity and many other issues.
In our healthy center, we are targeting kids from age 5 to 15. We will segment the target market into two segmentations for the age from 5-10 is the first segment and from 10-15 are the second segment.
For the first segmentation, are planning to offer them with deferent kinds of activities and some adventure games such as , drawing, playing football in closed hall ,reading, writing,swimming .
For the second segment, we will offer them with safari trips; involve them to play with football teams, hours riding 
In the first stage of our venture, we will conduct a survey among some random samples of families in Abu Dhabi and will ask them what type of activities they prefer to have for their kids. And, whether they prefer the healthy center for the kids or the normal electronic center.
In the second stage, we will check with several hotels in AbuDhabi to find out the possibolities to rent a place on their hotels in order to stars our business.
Their stages, we will start collecting the equity and analyst the cost of operation and the startup cost for our business.
Initially, we will implement our business in AbuDhabi as a fist plan, after four years we will start expanding our business in all over the UAE in seven Emirates.
We will position or business by offering a unieqeness service and products to our customers which are not in the market. 

The Sections of a Feasibility Plan

Product/Service Development Analysis

Explanation: Before going any further with a conceptual idea, the entrepreneur must determine whether the concept has any practical feasibility. One of the most important questions in this section of the feasibility analysis would be: "What unique features distinguish your product/services?" The more unique the feature of a product or service, the better chance the business concept has of being successful.

Provide a detailed description of the proposed concept, including any unique features that make it distinctive.
Explain the current status of the project and include a clear timeline of the key tasks to complete.
Identify any intellectual property involved with this potential venture, and discuss the proprietary protection that exists. Any proposed or completed prototype testing should be described here as well.
Finally, identify any anticipated critical risks in terms of potential product liability, governmental regulations, or raw material issues that may hinder this project at any stage.