Farm-Related Research proposal.

Farm-Related Research proposal.

Farm-Related Research proposal.


The proposal / research outline should be short–only 2-3 paragraphs is necessary.

Your proposal should provide three things:

List the specific genre

B. Literature Review. Write about a farm-related issue and show where the issue sits currently, using a minimum of 10 sources / authors.

2. Why you chose this particular project. Why is this the perfect project for YOU?

3. How will this project contribute to your understanding of the farm in literature and agriculture?


For a literature review, you should create a research outline that begins with the following:

Topic introduction

Major questions and/or debates about the topic

Major commentary (Authors or major articles on the topic you know about)

Areas for further inquiry

Purpose of the Proposal and Outline:

Be proactive about your studies; show progress
(Please read the requirment carefully as you write the paragraphs) it is a proposal only.