Explain the significance of this symbol to the Criminal Justice System

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Week 1 discussion

Each week, you will have discussions to post and respond to throughout the eight weeks of study (you must have at least two replies to earn an 80%; more replies are encouraged and will result in a higher grade; I expect 4 or more replies for full credit. The discussion posts and replies should be completed by Sunday at 11:59pm each week. Please participate actively in the discussions to gain further understanding of the material; active participation means that you enter the discussions more than once per week to earn full credit. See the Discussion rubric for grading.

Discussion threads are posted in the class information for each week.

Week 1- Discussion Topic #1: After completing the readings for Week 1: Explain the significance of this symbol to the Criminal Justice System. Interpret the meaning of the scales of justice symbol. What is the system trying to balance? Why is this significant to understand the main goals of the Criminal Justice System?

Scales of Justice

Discussion Topic #2: After reading the articles on “Social Construction of Crime” and “Ethics”, what are your reactions to these articles? Why are these articles pertinent to the Criminal Justice System today?