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You are required to work as team to plan for a real project/simulation project. You can choose any domain (IT, product design & development, construction, event management, etc…)


· Project background/objective: provides a high level overview/description of the project and what is included in this project management plan

· Explain and evaluate critically the method of project evaluation and selection

· Create communication plan

· Prepare statement of work (scope statement)

· Prepare a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for the project. Ideally this should contain about 20 activities so that your work is neither too trivial nor too tedious. Create the responsibility matrix.

· Prepare for the duration of the project. Identify the critical path, create network diagram and Gantt chart, and identify activities that can be delayed with affecting the entire project duration.

· Explain and evaluate critically a method for producing an estimate of the cost element shown in your breakdown structure (WBS). Generate a cost for each element in the WBS.

· Prepare risk management plan for the project.


1.Project Plan Report:

· Cover page includes title of the project, and team members names and IDs

· 1 ½ spaced and free of typographical errors

· Font types: Times New Roman, Font size : 12

· Well-arranged Appendices and References at the end of the report (if any).