Exhibition Significance

Exhibition Stage 6: Exhibition Significance

Think about why your viewers might be interested in your topic. In what ways might they make connections with your exhibition topic? To develop your exhibition, you
will want to give a full explanation of your topic and its significance. This might include an examination theme through subject matter, style, or choice of media;
information on how the topic has been treated by other artists and how they compare or contrast with your theme’s exploration of the subject (include images), and
historical context for understanding the theme you have chosen to focus on. This section should be about three pages in length, double-spaced. Submit by the end of
week 7 to the provided area.


3 Page introductory essay describing the significance of the exhibit for the field of art and art history.
********SPECIAL NOTE***************

My exhibition and theme was on Ancient Greek Architecture and its influence on Modern Architecture

I have attached my presentation below.

Michael Smith
Ancient Greek Architecture and its influence on Modern Architecture
History of Western Art 1
February 26, 2017
Instructor Aimee Anthony

Ancient Greek Architecture and its influence on Modern Architecture
The Ancient Greek Architecture has had a great impact on the development of the culture of the people in Rome (Conover 23). In addition, the architecture has put
influence ion the social lifestyle as well as the way the people used to honor their gods since the Ancient Greek Architecture that was being used in the temples and
the specific monuments such as the Hera II was elaborate. Specifically, Hera II Parthenon in Athens was sued as a dedication to the goddess of the city that was called
the Athena (Kite 90). In this consideration, this paper presents, and analysis of the influence of the Ancient Greek Architecture on the modern architecture.
Ancient Greek Architecture
Typically, the architecture that was being sued in the day to day living was precisely helping in the promotion of the social lifestyle of the people. Considering
this, the houses was build to face inside and had the windows and the gardens facing a focus point that was used as the regular meals and used for the social gathering
of the people (Barletta 619). In this consideration, the Greeks made advancements in the developing cultural activities as result of the resulting growth in themes,
attitudes as well as the culture from the western nations.
Typically, the Greek Architecture is one of the inheritances that civilization has since Greece has been able to develop numerous structure elements such as the
decorative motifs as well as the building types that are being sued in the recent time (Bliangas 9). Some of the Ancient Greek Architecture that has been a great
influence in the modern architecture includes the design of the famous architectures such as the Parthenon and The Erechtheum. Moreover, there are style and designs
that have been advocated to be of great impact in the modern architecture. This includes classic architecture, the Greek Homes and living environments, and the
materials used in the building.
The Materials that was being used in the building process in the Ancient Greek were wood and bricks that were made of mud and rooftops were majorly made of ceramic
materials (Bliangas 7). Nonetheless, there was a disintegration of the materials with time and the ground plans that were being used are the existing evidence today.
Additionally, Ancient Greek Architecture made use of limestone and marble and in the modern architecture there have been developments in the aim of preserving the
Ancient Greek Architecture (Conover 21).
In the modern architecture, developers have made use of the ideas gathered from the famous Ancient Greek Architecture (Kite 90). Precisely, the use of the cases such
as the Hera II has stood out to be preserved fort eh gods and the goddesses. The building of Parthenon took place in the early 5th century BC and is fundamental
Ancient Greek Architecture as a result of the use as a Doric temple (Kite 90). The development of the design of the temple is fundamentally sued today in the current
architecture. This is as a result of the fact that the temple is made up of hexastyle porches and is seen with the warrior outfit as indicated in the figure below.

Figure: The Parthenon
Source: Barletta (619)
Moreover, the design of the theaters today based its reference to the initial article used in the Ancient Greek (Barletta 615). the development of the theater was
built in such a way that it was large and in the open air and found in the sloping hills as indicated in the Modern theaters that are slanted towards the stage.
Additionally, the stairs in the cases were useful in the division of the sections just as used in the modern theaters (Barletta 621).

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