Discussing both sides of the vaccine controversy (including COVID vaccine)


What are the current issues surrounding vaccines, both for children and adults. What may make a person opt out of receiving vaccines? What makes this such a controversial issue?

Divorce is an issue which affects a large percentage of Americans. It is a social, health and financial issue.? Divorce has become such a common family problem which is complex and affects more than just a single family. As the family is the backbone of Human society, it’s reach is into our jobs, our communities and may threaten future generations.

Is it ethically, correct?

Children of divorce is it always bad?

Ethics unit 3

    Ethics unit 3

Part One: Final Project

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Download the documents for Final Project Part I

•Download the Case #1 from Doc Sharing. This can be found in the document called “LS312 Final Project.doc.”

•Also download the Case #1 Final Project Table from Doc Sharing. This document is named “LS312 Part 1 Final Project.doc.”

Write in your responses

After reading the case (Case #1 Final Project), write in your responses on the table in response to the appropriate theory (underneath the theory) for each ethical concern. Please use complete sentences.

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