Ethical considerations include integrity, honesty, and credibility, both individually and organizationally. In addition, ethical considerations are regularly viewed as being in the here and now, and many times viewed on a situational basis. The current assignment considers ethical accountability in a situation where the action was long ago and the consequences more recent. Instructions

1. As part of this assignment, you will write a short response to a case situation provided to you as a writing sample. As you prepare to write your response paper, consider the following general writing foundations: a. Consider the overall organization of your paper. b. Include an introduction focusing on the topic at hand. c. Make the point(s) you desire in the body of the paper. d. Be sure and provide a conclusion. e. Use correct punctuation, grammar, spelling, and capitalization.

2. Answer the following case in a Word document. The paper must have 400 words minimum in the body of the paper. a. Earlier this year, a successful and popular administrator at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) lost her job after twenty-eight years when it was discovered that she had falsified her academic credentials on her resume thirty years before. Although she had earned an undergraduate degree from one college, she listed a different institution on her resume, and she included two other academic degrees that she had never earned. However, she was nationally recognized for her work and had risen to a senior position based on her extensive experience and ability. In response to her forced resignation, some have claimed that any falsification of academic credentials, no matter how old or inconsequential should be punished as unethical and fraudulent. Others, though, have suggested that if someone has proven her abilities through years of experience, success, and recognition, then the discovery of a misrepresentation of academic credentials from years ago is actually a minor matter. Issue:

a.What is the appropriate response to this situation or other similar situations? b. How should employers and the public respond to a discovery of misrepresentation or falsification of academic credentials after years of successful achievement?

3. As you read this Case Study, please consider the Six Pillars of Character listed below: a. Trustworthiness. b. Respect. c. Responsibility. d. Fairness. e. Caring. f. Citizenship.

4. As you discuss how the above traits relate to the case situation, remember to follow the guidelines for good writing that you have developed in APA format.

5. Give yourself a score on this assignment using the Ethics Response Self-Scoring Sheet listed below.